Find Local Unicorns


Find Local Unicorn: A Discussion About Unicorn Hunting

What is a unicorn?

A unicorn is someone who joins a couple as a third partner in their relationship. This person is often referred to as the "third wheel" or the "third party." In unicorn hunting, couples seek an additional person for their relationship who is open to participating in all aspects of it; this could include dating, sexual activities and other forms of intimacy. Unicorns who join these couples are usually bisexual women, but anyone can be a unicorn if they meet the criteria set by the couple.

Why do we call it Unicorn Hunting?

Unicorn hunting refers to couples looking for someone to join them in their relationship. This can involve searching online for potential partners on sites such as Find Local Unicorn. The term unicorn hunting originated from the mythical creature, a unicorn; this symbolizes something rare and unique that couples are looking for in another person to join their relationship.

How to find local unicorns?

Find Local Unicorn is an online unicorn dating site that helps people who are interested in unicorn hunting find potential partners in their area. It offers a safe and secure platform for couples to meet one another as well as offering advice about unicorn hunting such as how to identify good candidates and how to create a successful profile. Additionally, it provides resources to help unicorn hunters understand what they need from their third partner and what kind of dynamics work best for them. Through its platform, you can also search for unicorn events and meetups in your area.

Here are the best 3 steps for finding a unicorn on

1. Create a detailed profile - be sure to include information about yourselves and the kind of unicorn you are looking for; this will help you find people who match your criteria. It is very convenient to register an account with an email address, and it goes without saying that you need to remember the password. If you forget your password, please contact our customer service to modify it for you.

2. Be open and honest - unicorn hunting can be a sensitive topic, so it is important that you communicate openly and honestly with potential partners. You need to post some real photos, such as travel, about life, or something new... It will make people fall in love at first sight. If there is no photo on the profile, then you can exchange photos while chatting, there is no scammer because none of us like scammers.

3. Show your interest - unicorn hunting is a time-consuming process, so don’t be afraid to express your enthusiasm and let potential partners know that you are interested in getting to know them better. Deep communication can make dating go more smoothly. When you meet someone you like, we can make the rules, bottom line. It is best to start a new date with a mutual agreement.

Finding a unicorn for your relationship doesn’t have to be difficult. With Find Local Unicorn, you can make the unicorn hunting process easier and less stressful. By signing up, couples get access to potential unicorn partners from all around the world who are just as eager to find an open-minded third as you are. Whether you’re looking for a unicorn for a casual fling or a long-term relationship, Find Local Unicorn can help you find the perfect unicorn fit for your arrangement.