Find Local Unicorns


How to Find Local Unicorn for Couple?

Polyamorous relationships are on the rise these days. Many couples are looking for a third person who’ll spice up their relationships. While it may be a new concept for some people, unicorn hunting is trending among couples nowadays. It is where couples look for another person who they can have a relationship with either temporarily or permanently. The three people then have group sex.

Often, couples don’t just pick anyone to be their unicorn. Most times, they look for a woman who is bisexual. Unicorn hunting isn’t a casual affair. Mostly, these couples want the unicorn to be attracted to them both equally and only for group sex.

But finding a person who meets these criteria, isn’t as easy as it looks. For couples who are into unicorn dating and are trying to find local unicorn, here are some helpful tips.

Set Some Ground Rules

Sure discussing boundaries with your partner may not help in finding a unicorn. However, this is essential for pulling the threesome successfully. Make sure that you both have laid out your expectations, sexual limits as well as emotional concerns before starting your search.

Search the Internet

Like many other niches, the internet is a good first place for those who want to find unicorns. Unicorn dating sites can simplify the process. However, one should ensure that they’re registering on legit sites. Remember that there are many frauds online. So one should be careful about which website they use. Some popular unicorn dating sites include AdultFinder, FetLife, OkCupid, etc. Simply set up your couple profile and look out for someone who interests you.

Be Open to Any Possibilities

Threesome dating sites are no doubt great places for finding a unicorn. However, opportunities can come out of anywhere. That’s why couples should have a conversation. As long as you both have agreed to proceed with this dating, be open-minded to spontaneous possibilities. Your goal is to find a unicorn who meets your needs and expectations, and she/he may come from anywhere.

Put Yourself Out There

When registering on a unicorn dating site, ensure that your profile speaks out who and what exactly you are looking for. This then means that you take some time and effort to create an attractive description of yourselves. A hot photo is great. But that’s not all. Ask yourself, why a unicorn will be interested in joining your relationship. Apart from sexy looks, what else do you have to offer? An aspect that most people forget to show is the unicorn’s safety. While you are looking for one for pleasure, remember that unicorns are human beings and they also want couples who’ll be considerate of their feelings.

Be Clear on What You Want

Unicorns are magical but they don’t read minds. They won’t know what you are looking for unless you tell them. Do you want a one night stand? Or do you want a permanent relationship? What are your boundaries? And is there anything else they need to know? Bear in mind that threesome dating should be about openness. That means that all parties should put all their cards on the table before starting.

Unicorn dating can spice things up in your relationship. Think about it. Having another person could make things more fun. But, remember that this dating is all about attraction and good chemistry. So, in case you’re wondering where to start, why don’t you use these tried tips?