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Using Bicupid for Couples: Is it Any Good?

Unicorn hunting isn't easy, but thankfully, couples can find one on unicorn dating sites like Bicupid. The site was launched in 2003 and has become one of the sought-after by couples looking for threesomes and strengthening their relationship through sex or non-sexual engagements. But is Bicupid any good, and is it worth the long shot? Let's find out.

Rank the Top

Bicupid is an easy swipe left/right online dating site. We can see this website in many reviews, and her ranking is often high in this niche. It's a perfect site for both male and female couples looking to add a third wheel to their relationship. This site has made it relatively seamless for any couple looking for unicorn dating to explore their sexuality. But what makes Bicupid the best online dating site for finding unicorns?

Bicupid is Worth it for Polygamous Couples

Bicupid is one of the best threesome sites for a reason. The site has a large number of users of couples and singles looking for threesome dates. The site is straightforward to use due to its intuitive user interface and the seamless ability to find a match. It's a popular site with unicorns, and they usually flood in to wait for a perfect couple to pick them. Fair enough, a couple won't have to wait before finding a unicorn match like other similar sites.

What Should Couples and Unicorns Expect when Using Bicupid?

Bicupid has millions of users ready to meet and offers an open environment with excellent freedom to communicate and engage. It also has tons of useful information and outstanding forums that help bisexuals accept their sexual orientations and live tangle-free. Couples and individuals can create a profile, and everyone is free to browse their first date. If anything, this site is worth the shot and is a perfect portal for couples looking for threesomes.


After looking at some of the reasons we listed, we should be able to find out. Is Bicupid worth the shot or a wild goose chase for couples looking for threesome dates? Indeed, the former is true. This site is easy to use, has it all for couples looking for unicorn dates, and guarantees a match. If anything, couples can try it, and the results won't be disappointing.

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